Meadowood petition and instructions

Simsbury Grange is calling for a referendum vote to protect the Meadowood land and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy in Simsbury, Connecticut.  The Grange has made available on its website two important forms in this process.  Here’s more information.

Document #1: Legal petition calling for the referendum vote; basic instructions on the page. Read carefully (and this note). Ask if you have questions.

953 VALID SIGNATURES NEEDED ASAP. Valid = legible printed name and address, in ink or indelible pencil. Incomplete pages are fine. Better to get them turned in on a rolling basis.

To make it onto the May 4th referendum this is URGENT. The goal is to bring them to the Town Clerk by Monday AM and no later than Wednesday AM. If we do not make it by then we keep collecting.

Document #2: The “call” for a town meeting triggering an automatic referendum. This can be attached to the petition.  


These can be printed on a regular printer. We will have copies at the Grange this weekend. Feel free to forward to others for printing and singing.

Electors can sign and can collect signatures. An “elector” is a registered Simsbury voter or property owner eligible to vote at the referendum.

The collector signs each page they collect. After collecting signatures each page is 1) notarized or 2) otherwise verified by a person authorized to administer oaths or affirmations (i.e. a justice of the peace).

There is no limit to the number of signatures an elector can collect. Get as many as you can, notarized ASAP, so the Town Clerk can start validating first thing Monday AM.

We will have a notary or verifier on site at the Grange, hopefully most of the time during the petition drive of 12-5 Saturday and Sunday and at least Sunday 3-5 pm.

A notary is available at the library, the UPS store, most banks, and other locations.

NOTE: Town Hall (and thus the clerk) is open to the public Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am-9:30am for senior citizens and 9:30-NOON for all others.

Here is the searchable on line charter if you want to read more –

I am confident we can get this done if we prioritize it for the next few days. Thank you in advance for your efforts, and feel free to forward this information. I will try to get this information loaded to the Grange site as well.

Susan Masino
Vice President
Simsbury Grange #197

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